Therapy services

Once abuse is stopped, it is critical to address the emotional consequences. ELI helps children to restore their basic sense of trust and support their emotional foundations. Therapy helps a child to regenerate self esteem, and eliminate the fatalistic approach to life that they may have developed as a result of the most basic bond in their lives being broken. A child needs to understand that he or she is not a bad child, but that something bad happened to him/her and that it wasn’t his/her fault. ELI's team of therapists works diligently to minimize the scars, both physical and spiritual, and allow to child to grow to reach his or her full potential. Therapy is the only way.

Therapeutic intervention occurs in conjunction with family therapy, and individual therapy for the parents as well in order to repair the family dynamics. ELI's holistic approach helps the parents to discover an alternative way of behaving and change the dynamic in the family which led to the abuse. 

ELI has a full-time staff of ninety professional social workers, psychologists, and other clinicians who give therapy to abused children and their families all over Israel. Therapy can last anywhere from a few sessions to several years. ELI contends that when possible, treating family members in addition to victims of abuse is the only way to adjust family dynamics in order to rid families of abusive patterns and behaviors. Last year, ELI had nearly 4,000 children in therapy, and thousands more of their siblings, parents, and extended family members. 

In aggregate, ELI's therapists administer approximately 1,000 hours of therapy weekly.