Internet safety

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Committed to being on the cutting edge of service delivery in the child welfare arena, ELI identifies and contends with new issues as they arise. The issue of online sexual predators is a relatively new one, and ELI's approach to this problem is as holistic and comprehensive as exists anywhere in the world.

In fact, on March 29th of 2012 ELI was recognized by several of the most prominent foundations in Israel for its innovation in preparing children and parents to use the internet safely.

The program consists of creating a forum for children and their parents to create parameters and rules for internet use, peer coaching in schools where older students teach younger students what to look out for online, and training for parents who may not be as savvy as their children when it comes to the internet.

Program components include:

• Network of Responsibility teaches parents what they can do to protect their children from online predators.

• Danger Online highlights the risks of information sharing, for children and youths.

• Double Click provides a forum for parents and children together to discuss the internet and make rules about privacy which both parties adhere to.

• Dangerous Script is a new play which ELI has integrated into Prevention Programs which have been offered to Israeli school children for the last 20 years. This new program element is also used to train professionals in schools and throughout the child welfare system. The programs are offered throughout Israel in Hebrew, Russian and Arabic, and demonstrate yet again how ELI is truly on the cutting edge of programming to protect children.