ELI shares its expertise with treatment professionals and students in Romania!

On December 4th and 5th, a seminar is being held in Bucharest on domestic violence and child abuse, organized by the Israeli Foreign Ministry in collaboration with the Romanian Welfare Ministry and the University of Bucharest. The participants are local professionals from the treatment professions and students from the University. Dr. Hanita Zimrin, as a presenter at that conference, is the only expert there from outside of Romania.

Transforming Memories into a Bright Future

At ELI, volunteers shredded years of old files that were no longer needed, due either to their age or to computerization. Seeing the shredded records of children she had worked with in the past, ELI staff person Tova Fishman became very emotional. She felt like remnants of the pain, hard work and growth of ELI’s children were being thoughtlessly discarded. So Tova brought home bags of shredded files, turning their contents into a beautiful paper mache bird. Much like her work at ELI, she transformed the raw materials of childrens’ lives into a brighter future.

Bicycles Donated to ELI

ELI, bicycles gift.jpg



Y. is a foster father of an abused child who had been in treatment in ELI. Y. brought the child to therapy every week for almost a year to get him the help he needed. While waiting for his foster child, Y. observed ELI's work closely, including speaking with parents in the waiting room. Although not wealthy, he gives what he can to ELI and its clients to make the children happy. One time he helped make a Bar Mitzvah for one of ELI’s children, and another time he sponsored a trip to an amusement park. This picture shows Y. with Dr. Zimrin and some of the 13 bicycles which he bought with the help of some of his friends.